My Trip To Japan


How was your day??

today i'm gonna tell you about my unforgettable experience.

In this life we surely have that moment where we can't get it out of our head. It always stay on our mind and it's hard to forget. It was like just happened yesterday.

When I was a little kid, my father always go outside the country for job. His job was to find gold, coal, and petroleum for mine industry.

My dad ' s planning to stay in Japan to study his Doctor degree and to do his job as well for about 3 YEARS. I'm shocked about it because my father told me the plan 1 week after he went to Japan.

After a year and i  already finish my elementary school, I got holiday so i went to japan to visit my father with my mother. Two of my brother couldn't go with us because they got busy with their own college life.

My father stayed at Fukuoka, Japan. 
Fukuoka located on the south east of Japan.
He stayed at his apartment in Kyudai-Gakentoshi District.

Me, My Father and My mother took a lot of pictures together. But mostly was just a picture of myself.

Here are some photos that were taken when i was in Japan.

This was when i ate sushi.

Me in my dad university.

Me choosing waffle to eat for my brunch.

My Dad and I in front of Osaka Castle.

My Dad and I waiting in a Harbour.

My Mom and I when we visit Tokyo Disneyland.

There were lot of photos and i picked some of it, Thank you for reading my blog. That's it that i wanted to tell to you guys.
See you next time!!

- the best gifts in the world are not in the material objects one can buy from the store, but in the memories we make with the people we love-

-amanda bagershinov-


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