HELLO people!

Every year in SMAN 3 bandung, we always present cultural event . This kind of culture started from 2 years ago. The first cultural event that held by SMAN 3 was “Matswapati”, The second one called “Gamarvani”. And This year  SMAN 3 proudly presented our third cultural event  called “ MEGANTARA “. MEGANTARA was held on 10th of September 2016 at Bali fields beside SMAN 5.

Luckily on my first year of Senior High School, I can joined the commitee of the event. My division was  Decoration and my subdivision was “ STAGE “ cool right?. Although we didn’t have that many works to do. I am enjoying my  time painting and drawing for the name plate. Because...

my hobby was PAINTING.

Three of my classmates, i meant my best friends joined the fashion show competition. Because i had not really that much job on the H day so I worked as their manager. I love organizing things and my side dream job was being an Event Organizer wkwk.

We went to salon not far from bali fields. One of my friend wasn’t wearing hijab, so she must got a hair do. We decided to makeup ourselves, i meant not me obviously because i’am just the manager. We only got 3 hours to shop the makeup and get ready before the fashion show start.

The fashion show went smoothly, but sadly we didn’t win the competition. But still we enjoyed our experience. We really remembered our moment when we were in hurry to go to the bali fields and running with many belongings and complicated outfit.

Many of my Junior high school and elementary school attended the event and we had our little reunion there. We took a lot of pictures together and chit chatting. We ate lunch together and watch the rest of the event together. We had a really fun time.

On the peak of the event “RAN” and “Changcuters” as the Guest star began their shows . IT WAS EPIC!!!. I really love it

In the end of the event, at midnight i went home and split with my friends. My job and activities had complete.



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