The 20th of August 2016

Bonsoir ! guys , nice to see you all.. have y'all missed me? hehehe

this gif really show my excitement right  now

Today I'm gonna tell you all about my activity a week ago.

From monday till saturday, i have to go to school to study eventhough my big reason to go to school was to meet all of my friends.

On Saturday, my school usually have activity, either there is sport or there is an event, last saturday there was no sport because there was WTTF. YEAYYY!!!

WTTF (World Tournament And Techno Festival)

Hmmm.. hearing from the name of the event, WTTF sounds fun , actually IT IS!
My class X Science 6 had to compete with upper grade class that was XI Science 6
to win the game on every station that is provided. 

To go to each station, our group had to solve the riddle to find the location of the station from station 1 till 10. If we win the challenge we take a piece of a puzzle for the reward. Other way to get the piece of a puzzle was by throwing the alien with water baloon. if we caught the alien with water baloon we got a piece of a puzzle and another water baloon for the reward, and if we missed the alien we sadly got nothing.

We really felt our high ambitions through the day and really enjoyed our activity on the event. Eventhough we were not winning against the upper class but still, we laughed a lot and we shared our happiness together.

We have the loudest cheering among others wkwk,

WTTF ended at 1 pm in the afternoon and after the event me and my classmate had to attend our extracurricular :"(.

hmmm in the end I sum up my activity and 2 things I learned were Spend your time to do activity with others and You can't rewind the time. So make a good decision about how to spend your time and always remember that time worth more than money.
yo bro!
Time's up see you in my next blog ok? 


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