HOLLA, My friends it's been a while since the last time i wrote something in this blog. These are my stories and experiences when i went through my holiday time. Hope y'all enjoy reading it!

 The weather is getting cold, it rains a lot, and the humid is rising. It's DECEMBER, the end of the year, where we have lots of free time and of course less school. I remember feeling  nervous waiting for the one semester report card. Fortunately I got enough score for me to pass the first semester of my first grade on SHS.

 As soon as my mother knew about my grade/score. My mother told me that I'll be able to joined my family to go back to our hometown. My aunt is getting married there and we decided to attend the wedding and do some trip to travel Bali. 

 I celebrated my new year eves with my cousins at the backyard of my house. We grilled some corns and sausages. For me, my job is relaxing myself on the hammock while watching my brothers barbecuing. At Midnight We all watched the fireworks and wafted paper lantern on the rooftop.

Three days later I packed my luggage and went to the airport. In the evening I already arrived in Bali and i help my grandmother with her wheelchair. I went straight to the Kuta Beach and enjoyed the view of the sunset while drinking coconut. It's getting late outside, so We decided to go to our house in Bali to rest and unpacking things.

 I spent two days to traveled all of the goodness in Bali. Me and My Family visited more than three beaches. It was a wonderful journey, It felt great to escaping the school and the daily busyness. We end the two days journey with a dinner at Jimbaran beach. The sound of the waves, the relaxing beach scent, The flicker from the small lights, i love them all.

 On Saturday morning, I attended my aunt's wedding. I don't have much to say about it. The wedding ended at 9 pm. At midnight I start to packed my luggage and we prepared ourselves to go back home. My flight's back home is at 7 p.m. We got some trouble at the airport, the officer there checked my brother's suitcase and he mistook my brother's sand collection as a cocaine.

We got a huge trouble there, but in the end we can go back home. It's a short journey we took lots of photograph to remember every single moment in it. We rarely gather together cause everyday we got separated with the distance of our school and office. I love every single moment of it even though there's hard time and good time.

" Life is a beautiful collage of priceless moments and memories, which when pieced all together creates a unique treasured masterpiece."  - Melanie M. Koulouris


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