hello? It's me

hello? It's me Dita

hey there! do you know me? if not, it's okay cause i'm here to introduce myself.

first thing first, name! My full name is Nur Larissa Purwaningdita, "Nur" is an arabic word that means light in english. "Larissa" is a name that came from my grand parents. and lastly "Purwaningdita" i don't know what it means but i'm cool with it. As you can see from my name, im a moeslem eventhough i dont wear hijab everyday.

i'll describe myself for you, I have a round face and medium lenght curly hair. My eyes are big and my nose is kinda flat i think. I have no eyebrows, what i means is that i have eyebrows but it's just a half from normal eyebrow. I'm half balinese and sundanese so my face is so indonesian. I'm a bit fat but you can't see it because i'm tall, hehehe.The different thing thatnd i have chubby cheeks. you can see my photo on the right side.

 I live in Indonesia,of course cause it's my mothercountry. In indonesia there's a town called Bandung and that's where i was born and lived untill now. I live at Sindang jaya Residence, BSJ II street, it located on a hills near mount putri. Y'all should come to visit my house sometimes.

 Everyday i always go to school, I'm a high schoolers yeay. i got into an acceleration program when i'm on elementary so i skip one years of school. I got into so many lesson cause i don't like being home alone waiting for all of my family to come home. So then i take english lesson at tbi, vocal course at purwacaraka and guitar lesson.

Happy is one of the most emotion that i feel, because I'M A HAPPY PERSOOONNN. It's so hard for me to feel sad because my mama told me that you should fully enjoy your life with no regrets. Talking about emotion i tried to be happy all the time cause happy makes the vibes of happiness. And who in the world that doesn't like to be happy? no one, am i right?

One thing i always remember is that life is a rollercoaster it can go up and of course down so face all of your problems and don't run from it, because the only way to get up again it's to clear all of the things that blocked you from being happy. 



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